Bleaching is not only restricted to the face but can be done on certain parts of the body as well. Body bleaching services help brighten darker areas & patches for bright & even skin tone. 


We offer many different services for bleach, allowing you to remov

e any unwanted facial hair. Whether you just need your eyebrows shaped or require a full face threading, our estheticians can help you get the look you want! Our threading services include:

Face Fruit Bleach 80 HKD
Face Fruit Bleach With Fruit Pack 120 HKD
Face Oxy Bleach 80 HKD
Arm Bleach 150 HKD
Leg Bleach 200 HKD
Front Bleach 130 HKD
Back Bleach 130 HKD
Half Back Bleach 80 HKD
Face And Shoulder Bleach 120 HKD
Under Arm Bleach 80 HKD
Full Body Scrub 400 HKD
Full Body Bleach 450 HKD
Half Back Scrub With Pack 150 HKD
Half Back Scrub Only 100 HKD
Full Back Scrub With Pack 150 HKD
Full Back Scrub Only 100 HKD
Feel Bleach 70 HKD