Threading is an ancient form of hair removal that has slowly gained popularity throughout salons. A threading expert uses two cotton threads, wrapping them around a line of unwanted hair, and removing them. This form of facial hair removal is easier, safer, and more efficient than waxing. This is quickly becoming the most effective and popular technique for removing unwanted facial hair. With many different benefits, threading could be the better option for you!

Why you should choose threading over waxing:

  • Results last longer (six to ten weeks)
  • Faster process than waxing and plucking
  • No use of chemicals
  • Works better with sensitive skin
  • No redness or swelling

This is a great way to remove facial hair without the annoying redness or use of chemicals, it also lasts longer and the hair grows back thinner.

Threading services we offer:

We offer many different services for threading, allowing you to remove any unwanted facial hair. Whether you just need your eyebrows shaped or require a full face threading, our estheticians can help you get the look you want! Our threading services include:

Eye Brow Shaping 20 HKD
Upper Lip 10 HKD
Chin 10 HKD
Sides 50 HKD
Fore Head 10 HKD
Chin With Neck 40 HKD
Full Face Threading With Eyebrow 140 HKD