Well groomed nails are the classic indication of healthy hands and feet. Manicures and pedicures help to increase circulation to the hands and feet as well as a useful way to de-stress and relax. Consistent manicure and pedicure treatments strengthen nails and help ensure healthy growth. Luxe Day Spa offers the ultimate in luxurious specialized treatments for hands and feet with unparallel service and fastidious attention to hygiene.

Hand Treatments
Luxe Day Spa uses a special manicure method to keep nails at optimum strength and prolong the life of your polish and use alternate methods to soften hands.

Feet Treatments
Our Pedicures provide the perfect balance of Relaxation & Result. Each pedicure begins with cup of delightful herbal tea and the warmth of a neck and shoulder wrap while experiencing a therapeutic foot treatment. Guests leave with an improved range of motion, groomed feet and a relaxed mind.


Basic Manicure 120 HKD
Deluxe Manicure With Paraffin Treatment 160 HKD
Basic Pedicure 150 HKD
Deluxe Pedicure With Paraffin Treatment 190 HKD
French Manicure 150 HKD
French Pedicure 190 HKD
Nail Paint Only 50 HKD
Shellac Soft Gel Manicure 190 HKD
Shellac Soft Gel Pedicure 220 HKD
Shellac Soft Gel French Manicure 220 HKD
Shellac Soft Gel French Pedicure 250 HKD
Express Manicure(Clip, Shape & Polish) 90 HKD
Express Pedicure(Clip, Shape & Polish) 110 HKD